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We do not know by whom our Wolrd was created, but we know exactly how to realize any your idea!

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Complex systems simulating, industrial automation and modernization.

Metal working

Producing items from sheet metal, milling and turning processes.


Industrial software design, virtuality.

Automobile redesign

Modernization and redesign of non passanger vehicles and attendant equipment.

Hydraulics and pneumatics

Designing and producing oa any industrial end products that uses hydro and pneumo control.

Light industry

Sewing and repairing goods from textile, leather, tricotage and furs. Items for indusrial and special use, including special forces accoutrement.

Dangerous objects

Designing, producing, procurement and commissioning equipment for potentially dangerous objects: lifting, dangerously explosive, aerospace branch etc.

Alternate energy

Taking part in design and producing of parts and complete equipment for alternate energy and environmental protection.



mrg.by is not a company. mrg.by is a group of companies, individual entrepreneurs and very talented individuals who are united by a common goal to bring Belarus to a new level as a country-producer and a science intensive country.

Our team is nearly all resourses of the Republic of Belarus and part of Russian Federation. Enter team or realize your inventions even if they are just an idea nowadays. As a requset text, dictaphone record, handmade scetch and, of course, ideas having been statefuled in engineering packets, are accepted.

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What do we do

You have ideas and money but don't haw to start with it? You have just great idea - it is perfect too. We attend closely working with educational institutions of the Republic of Belarus.

Gennadi Moskvin, individual entrepreneur, after concept discovery of the Group is a coordinator. Involving in the work as much resourse as is needed makes a challenge with any level of complexity to be resolved.

  • Your dream analizing
  • Project evaluation
  • Finding best ways
  • Machine producing
  • Manual labor - Yes!, sure, and this too!
  • Professionalism
  • A bit of magic
  • Experimental sample
  • Preproduction and production startup

Our magicians

Branch managers of MRG.BY.



Coordinator / Automation, simulating



International business advisor



Light industry, environmental protection



Style, creative development, photo, video



Special software, web backend



lawyer, international co-operation



Works with our very youthful customers



Materials, wide-frame printing



Lifting and potentially dangerous equipment

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